At ASEN, achieving sustainability means bringing the financial, environmental, and social aspects of our commercial operations together in a permanently balanced and harmonious relationship.


Sustainable economic thinking is a process and a long-standing tradition at ASEN . The second generation of the Asen family are currently continuing this tradition.

This includes, for example, long-term goals for reasonable Return on Investment instead of the instant gratification achieved from maximum annual returns at any cost.

We live by this strategy, which creates a scope for investments and ideas, along with securing jobs, partnerships, and market positioning.


As a manufacturer of one of the oldest natural materials, we took up the challenge to adopt ecologically advanced manufacturing processes early on. For decades, we have been looking for ways to optimise the material cycles of the hide components and thus improving our economic and environmental balance.


We Manufacture Perfect Products, Continuously Improve and Deliver on Time. Trust is important for us. Thanks to our laboratory, we are able to constantly monitor production and provide that all the products we offer you are in line with your expectations.

For this purpose, we constantly monitor standards and regulations and plan product development accordingly. Upon demand from our customers, we are able to apply different norms and standards such as SATRA quality assort system in quality assurance.

We support cooperative development of new companies by converting innovative ideas into new products and ensuring the success of our customers by offering flexible solutions to requirements and developing their business and therefore, we are able to offer design solutions focused on individual customers.


ASEN supports charitable activities and initiatives reaching from research, employment, health and safety to the care of young and elderly people.