Leather is one of the oldest and most versatile materials known to mankind. At ASEN, we have developed and produced this sophisticated natural material, with more than 40 years experience , as leading international producers of premium leather for the leather industry.

Our most priority principle is to produce qualified leather by environmentally friendly production. The result: Innovative developments and products, which are the first choice for premium brands around the world.

At ASEN, we have been in constant pursuit of exceptional quality for generations. Our standard of excellence and passion for leather makes us a reliable partner with the ability to meet customer requests and contemporary requirements.

ASEN Leather Company, in its advanced, highly modern production facilities, serves the handbag, shoe, leather upholstery and leather garment sectors with more than 100 items, classical and also attractive modern lines,

Our leather products are a blend of high technology and fine art. We are distinguished from other tanneries for having a very wide gamma of colors, diverse articles, specific styles and applications, innovated textures, designs and a lot more.

We embrace different worldwide markets, promoting the expansion of our articles, for the footwear, garment, upholstery and leather goods industry. Also, all of these articles are produced from whole bovine hides, sides and splits. Our customers expect the best from us, so every stage in our production cycle is geared towards achieving consistence and high quality. We are already in our second generation, and we work with the philosophy of continuous improvement.